Solar Blankets

The Sunbubble
Fits any pool, in ground or above ground from small to Olympic size!

Attractive marine blue tint, clear and navy tint enhance the natural beauty of your pool. Available in 3 different qualities to suit every buyers need. The Design will give you a durable, efficient, long lasting pool cover. Maintaining your pool can cost a small fortune as costly chemicals and water are continually being lost through evaporation. The SunBubble reduces this evaporation so your chemicals cost are consequently reduced, and your water loss is virtually eliminated. The Sunbubble dramatically increases the efficiency of your pool heater, reducing heating costs.

The sun’s heat is transmitted through the translucent Sunbubble and is absorbed in the water below. Floating on the surface, thousands of unique solar air cells retain the absorbed heat to raise the pool temperature by up to 10-15 F. This lets you swim comfortably for more hours in the day, more days in the year.

We offer different thickness 8 Mil , 11 Mil and 14 mil.


Choose your pool shape and package

Blankets Features

The Cover Brothers provides top quality brand solar blankets, it is an affordable go to for both above and inground pool owners. Check out all the great benefits!

  • Variety of Sizes: Available in any size to fit all pools both above ground and inground. Customer friendly product that can be easily trimmed to fit any pool shape.
  • Heat Transfer: When the heat from the sun travels through the translucent solar blanket, the heat is then absorbed in the water of the pool. This then creates thousands of unique solar air cells that retain the absorbed heat to raise the pool temperature by up to 10-15˚ F. Also, when the sun sets the solar blanket keep the heat in the water and prevents it from dissipating therefore keeping your pool warmer longer.
  • Reduce Evaporation and Chemical Usage: With an open pool top naturally, water evaporates causing reduced water levels and a higher usage of chemicals as you re fil your pool. A solar blanket reduces the evaporation process by approximately 95% therefore, virtually eliminating your pool water loss and saves you money on chemicals your pool requires.
  • Easy Cleaning: A solar blanket is not initially a tool to help keep your pool clean, but it does! Since a solar blanket acts as a protective layer between the environment and the pool it helps reduce the number of bugs, debris and dirt getting into your pool.

Solar Blankets Thickness and Colour Options

We offer a variety of thickness and colour options for our solar blankets. See the available options based on your desired thickness of solar blanket.

  • SILVER: 8 Mil Solar Blanket – Blue and Clear
  • GOLD: 11 Mil Solar Blanket – Blue and Clear
  • PLATINUM: 11 Mil Solar Blanket – Navy and Blue-Black
  • DIAMOND: 14 Mil Solar Blanket – Blue

Client Care

How to measure for your cover

We want to ensure you get the best fit possible, but we can only do that for your custom-made cover with the correct dimensions. For information on measuring your tub, review our Measurement Guide. At any time, you can Contact Us to assist you with measuring before ordering.

Measurement Tips

  • Accuracy : When measuring for your new hot tub cover be sure to be measuring your hot tub not your old hot tub cover. Reason for this is that over time of use a hot tub cover can alter in size due to shrinkage. Also, with any custom-made product you do want to measure it twice to have accurate dimensions for your order.
  • Length & Width : Measurements are required for the length and width of your hot tub needed in inches metric. We do recommend adding 0.5 of an inch to each to both the length and width measurement to allow space for shrinkage and proper fit of your custom-made cover.
  • Skirt Length: Standard skirt length is 4 inches for most hot tub covers. You do have two standard types of skirts first is to cover the acrylic lip of the hot tub. Second most common option is to cover the acrylic lip of the hot tub and the ledge of the wooden or acrylic base. All skirt lengths can be customized to meet your esthetic needs of your cover.
  • Radius of Round Corners : Some hot tub covers require a radius measurement to hit the round corners. The best way to measure the required radius is by using a carpenter square. The radius measurement is from the inside corner of the carpenter square to the point where the carpenter square first meets the hot tub edge. You can refer to the diagram as a reference.
  • Cover Fold : The side that your hot tub cover folds on is a personal choice to make, please use the provided diagram to select your folding choice.
  • Customizations : All hot tubs are different, and some have additional features such as waterfalls and speakers. To make sure we have an accurate understanding of you cover needs please Contact Us directly for customizations.
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