Lifter Plates

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    Cover Features

    Understand all aspects of your cover with our feature breakdown including, insulation levels, materials, design, and R values. All features meet industry design and safety quality standards. Insulation Levels.

    Material and Design Facts

    • Hot tub and Jacuzzi Covers are suitable for all seasons meeting safety standard testing even with standing Canadian winter temperatures.
    • Our variety of taper options and foam density we offer will be sure to meet your heat insulation needs while maintaining a minimum weight for easy consumer use
    • We prevent water logging by adding heat sealed 4 mil, 6 mil and 12 mil vapour barriers this adds longevity to the life of your cover with top quality products.
    • We use an advanced technology through a vacuum heat-sealing process to prevent moisture intake in all our covers, so you can have a long-lasting cover.
    • All our covers are environmentally friendly not only by being energy efficient for our consumers, but our manufacturer uses CFC free foam. This process uses steam rather than ozone depleting freon agents, this helps protect our earths ozone layer.

    Bi Fold and Quad Fold Features

    • Custom made to fit your tub with 22 stylish colour options.
    • Prevents water absorption: foam is heat sealed in plastic.
    • Aluminum channel in the centre for added strength.
    • Durable marine grade top vinyl with UV protection and mildew prevention.
    • Solid vinyl on bottom line.
    • Safety latches.
    • Reinforced handles.
    • Full skirt for improved heat retention.

    Understanding R-Values

    • The R-Value on you hot tub or jacuzzi cover is a measurement of the insulation level that represents the limitation of heat to travel through the cover’s interior foam. This is important for the cover to manage the energy consumption as it maintains a contestant water temperature in your tub. To have a higher R-Value on your hot tub cover requires a thicker insulation which then results in the heat passing through your cover at a slower rate.
    • Cover Brothers bi fold or quad fold covers meet consumer and industry testing standards to ensure a top quality and energy efficient product. Our bi fold starts at a high level of insulation value, our 3” has a 13.11 R factor and our quad fold 4” has a 17.5R factor. For both the bi fold and quad fold cover we have a wide range of tapered covered available to meet your standards. 3” – 2” / 4” – 2” / 4” – 3” / 5” – 3” / 5” – 4” / 6” – 4”.

    How to Care for your Cover

    We understand that you want to ensure the longevity of your hot tub cover. We offer these free useful tips to help maintain your cover


    • The hot tub cover is made on a slope to ensure the runoff of rain and moisture. However, it is luxury item that is outside it is important to regularly clear off additional debris that could damage your cover such as leaves, sticks, dirt, and snow.
    • Wipe down excess moisture regularly from weather conditions to prevent mold or mildew to grow.
    • Deep clean your cover once a month using a cleaner that is safe for vinyl. Be sure to follow the product instructions and use a nonabrasive cloth to prevent scratches on your cover.
    • Avoid cleaning products that contain alcohol, detergent oil, or silicone.

    Inspect your cover

    • Inspecting your cover over the years of use is important to prevent damage. Taking notice of a hole and doing a quick repair to cover will prevent it from creating larger damage or allowing moisture to build up.
    • For small accidental holes you can easily use clear packing tap to repair the plastic inside layer and vinyl repair kit for the exterior.

    Prevention Products

    • You can improve the longevity of your cover by using the hot tub manufacturer recommend products to prevent mold growth which in result also helps your cover.
    • You can also apply a UV Vinyl protection product to your cover 4 times a year to prevent cracking, again it is always best to use products recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Regularly open your cover, sounds simple but by regular opening your cover it allows excess vapours to evaporate which overall prevents moisture absorption.

    Cover Cap your Cover

    • If you are not using your hot tub for an extended period, you should protect you cover with a cover cap, this provides extra protection from any outside elements. Contact us for quotes.
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