Smart Drain Round Cover


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  • The dread of pool openings.
  • Cover Parachuting.
  • Leaves & debris on your cover.
  • Pumping off water at opening.
  • The need for a huge volume of water to refill the pool.
  • Standing water which promote mosquitoes that could carry the West Nile virus.
  • Comes with a 10 year prorated warranty.
  • Made from triple layer woven polyethylene.

SMARTDRAIN eliminates water accumulation with a fine blue mesh screen that runs in a line down the centre of the cover. During winter, ice and snow weigh down the cover in the centre and when spring warmth melts the precipitation, the water simply filters into the pool through the mesh. As the water runs down into the pool, the cover slowly rises until it is stretched tightly across the pool. Winter debris such as leaves and dirt dry up and blow away. Contact us for custom sizes!

Comes with everything needed to close your pool!

Pool Size: 12’ Round

  • 12’ Round
  • 15’ Round
  • 18’ Round
  • 21’ Round
  • 24’ Round
  • 27’ Round
  • 30’ Round
  • 8' Round
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