Pool Opening & Closing

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Spring is upon us and it's time to enjoy your pool again. Let the Cover Brothers do the dirty work for you and set the season off worry free. Our friendly service techs are prompt and professional and ready to do the dirty work so you don't have to.

Our Spring Opening Services:

1 STAR OPENING & START UP ($250) Includes:

  • Winter Cover Pump Out
  • Leaf Removal Put in Brown Bags and Left at Curb
  • Winter Cover Removal
  • Winter Cover Pressure Washed and Brushed Clean.
  • Attach all Plumbing
  • Initial Start up of Your Pump

2 STAR OPENING & START UP ($350) Includes:

  • All the 1 Star Services
  • Initial vacuum
  • Chlorination

3 STAR OPENING & START UP ($400) Includes:

  • All the 1 STAR & 2 STAR Services
  • Patio Furniture Removal from Storage and Placement
  • Deck and Furniture Pressure Wash
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