How To Measure For a Replacement Cover

When shopping for a new hot tub cover it is important to have exact measurements to ensure the right fit. We recommended you read our 3 steps to ensure the right fit!

  • The first thing to remember make sure you measure the actual spa and not your old cover, old covers tend to shrink or warp over time resulting in not the right fit for your new cover.
  • When taking measurement of your tub make sure you provide measurements in inches, we recommend you add a half inch on each side. In the hot summer months if the cover is too small it won’t fit right which is why we say add a half inch on each side.
  • If you have a lifter or prefer the cover to open a certain way please state which way you would like the cover. A standard fold means the larger half will allows flip in half and opposite fold will mean the smaller half will flipped in half, if you do not state which way you would like we always make our covers standard fold.


  • If you do have a hot tub that is in a cabinet or a deck you may not require a long skirt, Review the diagram shown above. Using the shell and the (2) measurement your skirt will sit right on the deck/cabinet, if you want the skirt past the cabinet/ deck use the (1) measurements shown above.
  • If your hot tub looks like the diagram above it is very easy to measure all we need is three measurements, this diagram shows how to measure two of them. The acrylic lips slightly hanging over the cabinet simply take the measurements of the over all shell.
  • This will be the last measurement needed for your new cover since most hot tubs aren’t completely square and have rounded corners you will need to find the radius. What you will need is a framing square or carpenters square to take this measurement, place the framing square to the side of your tub right against the acrylic. The measurement from where the line is flat and begins to curve will be the radius.
    Example listed: The radius for spa is 4”.

The Cover Brothers do make covers for any shape or size of hot tub if you have a tub that requires speaker cut outs and or waterfalls, odd shaped or over 96” in length or width they are considered custom orders and do require you to Contact Us.

Email: or call 905-330-4251 during regular business hours.